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SAF-HOLLAND is one of the leading original equipment manufacturers for the global commercial vehicle industry, and its customers, the transportation companies. The following pages will provide you with useful regional information about us, and our range of products and services.

Fifth Wheels, Trailer Suspension Systems, Truck and Bus Suspensions, Landing Gear, Coupling Products, Kingpins, Liftgates & Rollform Products.

(PTT) Performance Truck and Trailer sells Holland parts in Ontario & Whittier, Southern California.

Specializing in Truck Brakes, Shoes, Suspensions,
Truck 5th Wheels & more!

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Fifth Wheels

SAF-HOLLAND fifth wheels are world renowned for their reliability and performance.

SAF-HOLLAND fifth wheels embody a history of evolutionary designs that expand fifth wheel function and value. These innovative advancements guarantee performance and offer proven value for your application.

The world’s lightest standard duty fifth wheel, the Forged Aluminum Fifth Wheel. The FWAL Series comes standard with HOLLAND's NoLube technology, eliminating the need to apply grease to the top plate or the locks.

The world’s most popular fifth wheel. The FW35 Series features:
-A cast steel top plate which is machined flat for a greater load bearing area that reduces friction and uneven wear
-Cast-in grease grooves
-A bracket pin design that permits easy top plate removal for reduced maintenance cost and time.

The FW17 has the best strength-to-weight ratio in the industry. Appropriate for all on-highway use, the FW17 is cost-effective and features a cast steel top plate that provides an optimum combination of durability and low weight (44 lbs. lighter than a standard HOLLAND fifth wheel).

One of the lightest, most durable fifth wheels available; the FWS Series is well known for its rugged durability and ease of maintenance. This next generation fifth wheel has enhanced features which improve reliability and driver satisfaction, while retaining its low maintenance heritage.

For applications where the loads or operating conditions demand higher capacities than a standard fifth wheel.

These unique fifth wheels are used in specialized yard spotter tractors where a fully oscillating or semi-oscillating fifth wheel is required.

SAF-HOLLAND's light duty fifth wheels are designed for light duty applications such as recreational vehicles, specialty, or gooseneck-type trailers.

Trailer Axles and Suspension Systems

SAF-HOLLAND trailer suspension systems are rolling in all corners of the world.

Our suspension systems have leading-edge technology that greatly enhance product value and service life to the end-user. Backed with exemplary global service support, you can depend on SAF-HOLLAND to keep you on the road.

SAF-HOLLAND air suspension systems are perfect suspension systems with trend-setting technology, exemplary product properties and superior performance features.

SAF-HOLLAND mechanical suspension systems are designed specifically for solving individual transportation tasks under at times most difficult operating conditions.

Truck and Bus Suspensions

SAF-HOLLAND power unit suspensions for the global truck and bus markets.

From versatile multi-axle truck to lightweight bus suspensions, we specialize in manufacturing suspensions that meet a wide range of vehicle applications.

Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspension

CAPACITY: 23,000-26,000 lb. (10,433-11,793 kg) per Axle

Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspensions

CAPACITY: 23,000-30,000 lb. (10,433-13,608 kg) axle

Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspension

CAPACITY: 15,000-20,000 lb. (6804-9072 kg) gross axle weight rating

Drive Axle Air-Ride Suspensions

CAPACITY: 23,000-30,000 lb. (10,433-13,608 kg) axle

Drive Axle Suspension

CAPACITY: 25,000 lb. (11,340 kg)

Drive Axle Suspension

CAPACITY: 23,000 to 26,500 lb. (10,500 to 12,000 kg.)

Steer Suspension for I-Beam Style Steer Axles

CAPACITY: 9,000/12,000/14,000 lb. (4,082/5,443/6,350 kg)

Pusher/Tag Non-Powered Suspension Axle System
Capacity: 20,000 lb.
100% Off-Highway Rated

Tag Axle Suspension

CAPACITY: 14,000/20,000 lb. (6,000/9,000 kg.)

Landing Gear

SAF-HOLLAND landing gear have been proven all over the world, in all conditions.

Our landing gear will always deliver ease of operation and durability, whether it's in the frigid Canadian cold or the blistering Middle East desert heat. Innovative technologies have created many unique, patented features to help customers save time, weight, fuel, effort, and even reduced the potential for operator injury.

Sets the standard for strength, durability, and ease of lift.

LIFT CAPACITY: 62,500 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
GEAR RATIOS vs. TURNS PER INCH: Low Gear = 33.8, High Gear = 2.5

The new benchmark for lifting performance.

LIFT CAPACITY: 55,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
GEAR RATIOS vs. TURNS PER INCH: Low Gear = 38.7, High Gear = 4.5

Exceeding standards for increased durability and lifting performance.

Lift Capacity: 65,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
Ultimate Load Capacity: 170,000 lbs.
Side-Load Capacity: 34,000 lbs.
Gear Ratios vs. Turns Per Inch: Low Gear = 38.6, High Gear = 4.5

Setting the standard for dependability and value.

LIFT CAPACITY: 39,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
GEAR RATIOS vs. TURNS PER INCH: Low Gear = 19.3, High Gear = 3.2

The industry standards for Gooseneck Jack trailer applications.

Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
Static Load Capacity: 12,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs.
Total Travel: 17” to 26”

Support jack prevents upending of trailers when not connected to a truck during loading/unloading.

Vertical Load Rating: 10,000 lbs.

Lightweight, easy to operate, durable jacks for convertor dollies.

Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
Static Load Capacity: 500 lbs. to 1,200 lbs., Depending on Model
Total Travel: 17”
* actual static load capacity is determined by caster type.

For semi-trailers during loading and unloading to help prevent trailer tipping.

Lift Capacity: 8,000 lbs. at 100 ft.-lbs. input torque
Static Load Capacity: 62,500 lbs.
Crank Turns Per Inch of Travel: 4.1