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Penray - Fuel & Coolant Additives



Incorporated in 1950, The Penray Companies continue to grow strong after 60 years of service in the heavy-duty and automotive chemical industry. There are two main plants where we manufacture both liquids and aerosol products. They are in Elk Grove Village and Wheeling Illinois. Penray is comprised of four separate business units: heavy-duty, automotive, export, and custom manufacturing.

(PTT) Performance Truck and Trailer sells Penray parts in Ontario & Whittier, Southern California.

Specializing in Truck Brakes, Shoes, Suspensions,
Truck 5th Wheels & more!

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Fuel Injector Air Intake Cleaner

Dissolves and helps remove sticky gums, carbon, soil and resin deposits that prevent proper air flow.  Special all-angle spray valve allows container to be held at any angle which assures proper spray and pressure penetration to optimize deposit removal.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Cleans harmful deposits and carbon from fuel system as you drive.  Provides increased power and acceleration, improved idling, quicker starting and reduced emissions.

Effective in all  types of fuel injected cars and trucks and in all gasolines, gasohols and diesel fuels. (12 fl. oz. treats 10-20 gal. of fuel.)

Intake Valve Cleaning Kit

An effective intake system cleaning kit designed to be used with Penray #2312 Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner.

Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner

Reduces intake valve, port and manifold deposits.  Improves starting power, driveability and restores performance by removing carbon build-up.

Provides upper cylinder lubrication. Helps reduce emissions in both gasoline and diesel engines. (12fl. Oz. treats up to 20 gal. of fuel.)

Total Fuel System Cleaner

Total Fuel System Cleaner prevents and cleans deposit buildup better than ordinary cleaners and leading brands. It neutralizes the power robbing effects of combustion chamber deposits.

Improves acceleration better than ordinary fuel treatments. Prevents hesitation, sluggishness, stalling and overall poor acceleration. Synthetic technology. Containing Poly Ether Amine (PEA), Total Fuel System Cleaner removes carbon and has the ability to reduce octane requirement by cleaning combustion chambers. Contains chemistry for DIG technology. Use every 3,000 miles to insure optimum engine power and performance.

Total Intake System Cleaner

Total Intake System Cleaner provides a safe and effective cleaning by removing carbon deposits and cleaning the intake system and upper engine.

It also reduces emissions and improves performance and power. Designed for both diesel and gasoline engines.